Ideas For Good Content Creation For Your Small Business

Nearly every time we ask a small business owner to produce content for their website, we get that eyes-glossed-over look. From the outside looking in, we always wonder, “why is it so hard for a business owner to write about their business?”

We’ve created a multitude of worksheets to help the business owner take their content beyond the “who”, “what”, “where”, “when”, “why”, and “how” that are no-brainers (well, we hope, anyway).

We do understand that writing interesting content for your business is tough. You have to keep the content professional (or, at least on-par with the environment the customer will experience while working with your brand), and you must keep it enjoyable to keep them engaged.

One way we suggest businesses can create great content is to make a chart with three sections: “critical”, “important”, “extra”.

  • “Critical” is all of the information that is critical for the customer to know, which includes: whether that is about your products/services, your hours/location, team members, or even just your “why pick us” elevator sales pitch.
  • “Important” includes all of the supportive text for the “critical” level: MSDS sheets, information regarding your weather closing policies, refund/gift card information, alternative routes to your location if the main route is currently blocked (construction, weather obstruction), etc.
  • “Extra” is anything else you feel necessary.

Once you get the basics out of the way, remember to factor in your audience. Are your customers well-educated, or should your content speak to the “everyman”? Are you selling to businesses, or to customers, or both? Do your customers plan their purchases in advance, or are your products/services more ad-hoc? Are your customers trying to find you when they’re in immediate need?

While creating content might seem like an “easy” thing to accomplish, many business owners immediately become overwhelmed when they have to answer a lot of our questions regarding their business.

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by Nicole Sheridan