Need Employees? Our Agency Is A Fraction Of The Cost!

Marketing and your website is an INVESTMENT. Just as your physical location and office staff are an investment.

Essentially, InSilico Media Group takes your physical, tangible assets such as employees, location, products, services, etc. and creates them on a digital platform.

How does a website help your business?
Think of all the bills attached to your physical office – rents/leases, design, furniture, utilities, insurance, etc.  A website comes with one cost: the cost to design.  This website becomes your digital office/storefront.  It never closes, enabling customers and potential customers to find the information or products they are looking for.  A website can be designed to be your virtual assistant.  It can help you grow your business through easy-to-use information request forms, so you gather as  much information as you need to respond to a prospect with a customized quote quickly.  It can help you schedule meetings, collect payments, or share documents.

How does marketing help your business?
You can’t operate a business if you never tell someone it exists.  Using marketing, you’re placing your message in front of the people who are likely to use your services or buy your products.  Unfortunately, most businesses have several competitors in the local area.  Marketing research helps you find those who are still making a decision about what to buy, or who to buy it from and place your advertisement in front of them at the right time in their buying decision process to make yourself an option.

How does hiring a marketing agency help your business?
Let’s face it – a website that’s never maintained is essentially the same as a physical building that’s never maintained.  While your physical building may start to crumble or fall apart or even just gather dirt, your website will stop being functional as technology changes (a prime example: a few months ago, Google changed the way their maps worked on websites, so websites that did not update the API no longer have functioning maps).
And marketing is simply not effective if you’re not going to make a long-term, multi-faceted commitment.
Instead of paying several employees, as well as the costs of insurance, taxes, etc. to have a staff focused on marketing, sourcing an agency like InSilico helps reduce your costs and offers you up-to-date marketing, graphic, and web services in an all-in-one fee for less than one full-time employee. (Let’s face it, finding one FTE with formal training and experience in all three fields for less than $30k, especially$15k, a year will NEVER happen!)

It makes sense to partner with an advertising agency to grow your business.  If you’re ready to speak to our team, shoot us a quick email.  We’ll schedule a brief meeting with you and go over your goals, give you ideas on areas we can help your brand grow, and provide you a practical, reasonable proposal.

We’re ready to work for you!