10 Reasons You Need to Advertise – FREQUENTLY


10 Reasons You Need to Advertise – FREQUENTLY:

  1. People have new wants and needs every day. Very few people have a need for any specific merchandise item on any given day. According to Newspaper Association of America’s research, half of consumers who bought items in a week said that their decision to shop was made that day.  Frequent advertising reaches this “thin market” when they are ready to buy, not just when you are ready to sell.
  2. Frequent advertising reaches your customers – regardless of their habits. Frequency builds awareness. Awareness builds familiarity and familiarity builds trust.  Conventional wisdom says that your audience needs to be exposed to your ad 2.5 times to sink in and build awareness. Just like dieting, advertising gets the best results over time. Each ad builds on prior brand recognition.
  3. Frequency offers you the best rates. Most advertising mediums today offer significant incentives for increasing frequency.
  4. Today’s ad may influence – but tomorrow’s will close the deal for a lukewarm prospect. Like pushing a ball up a hill, it is better to push slowly than to push quickly and run out of energy halfway up.
  5. Frequent advertising helps you beat your competition. If you are not advertising as much as your competition does, who is more likely to reach the consumer who is ready to shop?
  6. Everyday you: open your store, keep your shelves stocked, keep your phone connected, have your staff come to work … SHOULDN’T YOU INVITE CUSTOMERS IN? Advertising is one of your smallest expenses. Yet, not using it often enough can kill your business.  For the average business, the investment in advertising could be as low as 2-3%.
  7. Advertising frequently = higher than average results. Brand equity grows with increased advertising, showing a positive effect overall.  The long-term effect of advertising leads to a brand being less price-sensitive. This could be good news for advertisers keen to apply gradual price increases after initially dropping a rate.
  8. Frequent advertising helps you spread your sales evenly throughout the year. You can avoid spikes in customer traffic, efficiently utilize resources and manage inventory.
  9. Frequency helps your advertising cut through the clutter. Have you ever trained a puppy? Did you find yourself repeating your commands? Is that more likely to get the pup to change behavior?  Repeating yourself to a target consumer increases the odds that your message will get through.
  10. People forget! What are the statistics about how fast people forget?  It used to be that something like 80% forget a message in 24 hours. But, I forget.

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We Can Fix That!

We often say “It’s entirely possible for your marketing not to suck” – and while that’s a direct quote from a HubSpot webinar from 2012, it is absolutely true and relevant in 2015.

It’s not meant to be offensive.  All marketing efforts do suck at one point in time or another.  Today’s market is heavily fragmented and small companies that only have one individual focused on marketing can end up starting and abandoning some marketing efforts easily, without intent.

So, one may ask, “how can my marketing suck?”  So our team’s created 32 examples of how your marketing may indeed suck. (And that’s okay – that’s where InSilico thrives; we feel that’s our “challenge accepted” moment!)

  1. You’ve had more than 2 website designs in one year.
  2. You rely on your receptionist’s cousin’s brother-in-law to do your emails, web design, or graphic design.
  3. You used a do-it-yourself website template, and it shows.
  4. Your pages on your website don’t work.
  5. You’ve misspelt your URL on your Facebook page.
  6. Your company has multiple Facebook pages – every time you forget the password, you just create a new one.
  7. You don’t have a logo that’s transparent or prints consistent.
  8. You don’t scrub your address/email/phone number list frequently, resulting in multiple bounced emails, returned mailers, or complaints about being on the Do Not Call list.
  9. You outsource projects to companies that take weeks to respond.
  10. You know someone who can “do that real cheap” and you use them – frequently.
  11. You have not made friends with your ad reps, or have not made a partnership with a local printer.
  12. You made a Facebook account and abandoned it.
  13. You made a Facebook account profile for your business, not a “page” for your business.
  14. You don’t proof your ads before they are published.
  15. The company you hire to do marketing does nothing to market themselves.
  16. The company you hire to do marketing posts irrelevant or confusing articles that loosely relate to their company’s vertical markets, occasionally.
  17. You hire a company that does too many things – and none of them are really done well.
  18. You decide to just not do anything.
  19. You rely only on social media for marketing.
  20. You have the “build it and they will come” mentality: you build it and never promote it.
  21. Your messages are not consistent on a cross-platform scale.
  22. You have no website, no social media, and no other virtual presence.
  23. You’re trying to market to a noon to 10pm customer base on a 9am – 5pm schedule.
  24. You’ve no idea where your traffic is coming from.
  25. You don’t know if your audience is your target demographic.
  26. Your business card boasts a title that includes words like “hustle” or “awesomeness” or “big kahuna”…
  27. Your business cards are a Vistaprint template and there are 7 other companies using the same design.
  28. Your idea of “marketing” is pinning a business card to a cork board at a Chinese restaurant or gas station bathroom.
  29. You’ve never made a brand identity guideline, and have no idea what the official colors of your logo are.
  30. You’ve never done research on how much demand is out there for your products/services.
  31. You have no idea what your competition is doing.
  32. You think your competition is not competition.

… Of course, there many more examples of how marketing can suck – but these are the few we have ran across since we launched.  It is entirely possible to overcome these issues quickly and easily.

If one or more of these apply to you, contact InSilico Media Group today!